SPOT Light — Activity to maintain focus

Yamini Hundare
2 min readFeb 24, 2023

I recommend this activity for maintaining focus. It can be used for clearing backlogs, managing to do lists, defining initiatives, creating a plan to meet the objective. It supports in retaining the focus on the core purpose and avoid drifting away from the core purpose.

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Distractions are eliminated and focus is maintained through this activity. When there is A LOT TO DO, this will assist in sorting through what must be done to fulfil the objective and prevent investing in good to have but unnecessary objectives.

This can be done both in person or using virtual tools.


  • Share the Purpose — The focus
  • Create cards or stickies for in person activity / Use Jira cards/stickies on MIRO for virtual meeting
  • Keeping the cards/stickies/JIRA stickies ready will help save time / list of initiatives ready to help save time
  • Pick one card at a time, give a brief introduction about it, let the team have a short discussion to decide if this will add value and contributes towards the purpose. Depending on the team decision decide where to place it. The initiatives that add value and help retain the focus go in the spotlight. The rest of them fall in the darkness. Few might remain on the border categorised as not high priority but…



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