Solving Collaboration Chaos with Productive Decision Making

Yamini Hundare
3 min readFeb 13, 2024

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of meetings? The only outcome of the meeting was to have one more meeting. You know, the kind where everyone talks and talks, but nothing actually gets decided? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Well, you’re not alone. Many of us have been there, nodding along to endless discussions that seem to go nowhere. The ones — that start on time, but somehow always end up running way over schedule. It’s like no one knows when to call it quits. And what about when new people join the team? It’s like we’re back at square one, trying to get everyone on the same page.

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The million dollar question is:

Who is supposed to fix this collaboration chaos, and how?

Can we break free from the chaos? The answer is a big YES!

We can break free from the chaos by working together. We need to start small, and we need to set some ground rules.

  • Meeting Agenda and Timelines: Having a clear agenda for every meeting is important. It sets the expectations for participants and ensures that everyone is on the same page about what will be discussed. Participants should be encouraged to review the agenda beforehand, so they can come prepared to contribute to the discussion.



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