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Yamini Hundare
2 min readDec 9, 2022

Setting up slack reminders can be simple, but I had my own struggles and could think of many people who could be helped, including myself (the future me).

My journey started with tying “/remind help” in slack, but I was disappointed. It is a very basic list of how we can set reminders. My requirements were way more complex. I wanted to send out reminders for a meeting that happened every day at a different time during an alternate week.

Slack Screenshot- By Yamini

I experimented with slack reminders, and here is what I learned from them. One important reason to keep it documented is so the next time I head out to set up complex Slack reminders, I know where to start. a little helping guide for the future me, who will be struggling with the same problem.

That is very typical of me to document processes that I have to take care of rarely, but I am sure I will be doing it again sometime in the future.

//Meeting every Thursday and Friday at a consistent time

/remind #<team-channel> to “Let's meet in 5 min” every Thursday, and Friday at 9.25a.m

//Meeting every Monday at a particular time

/remind #<team-channel> to “Let's meet in 5 min” every Monday at 10.25a.m

//Meeting on alternate Wednesdays : every alternate VS every other

/remind #<team-channel> to “Let's meet in 5 min” every other Wednesday at 9.25a.m starting 12th December 2022

/remind #<team-cannel> to “Daily in 5 min” every alternate Wednesday at 9:25a.m

//Meeting on alternate Tuesdays

/remind #<team-channel> to “Let's meet in 5 min” every other Tuesday at 9.25a.m starting 12th December 2022

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