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Yamini Hundare
3 min readNov 29, 2023

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Is a creative and visual approach to gathering feedback from a team. In my blogs or writing I have always shared the importance of feedback. How it can be used as a tool for continuous improvement.

Line of Fire is a fun, easy and engaging activity for providing feedback. This can be used as a check-in activity or you can end a meeting with it.

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Drawing the feedback line as a line of fire as shown in the image is part of the fun. The far left implies boredom, lack of enthusiasm, and dullness. While the extreme right of the line represents stress, friction, and burnouts, the middle of the line represents warmth and the right environment that is challenging in a positive way. Give the participants instructions to put sticky notes on the Line of Fire and write down the “WHY” for their positioning. This visual representation instantly communicates the feelings of the team member. Simple dots can also be used for positioning, but sticky notes with explanations offer insightful information about the particular elements of a sprint, project, product, behaviour or event that impacted the participant’s perceptions in addition to capturing just their feelings.

  • Give the participants some time to think and gather their…



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