It is not at all difficult to write your own book. All you need is determination and motivation. If I can do it, so can you.

I never imagined my first book will be a children's storybook.

Book cover

Writing a book was something that lingered in the background and found its way out during a difficult period in my life.

Isn’t it strange how we pursue our dreams when we have nothing else to pursue?

I began…

The word mandala simply means “circle” in Sanskrit. A circle symbolizes the nature of the universe: totality, infinity, completeness, inclusion, and continuous motion.

By Yamini — Using

Mandal is an unending notion of continuous exploration. It begins where it ends and ends where it begins.

There is a difference between knowing and doing. I have been practicing mandalas since my childhood, in the form of rangoli, Mehendi, Chakkaras, and religious symbols. When I was in my twenties…

Yamini Hundare

I am an aspiring writer who loves to write about agile mindset, my own experiences and kids stories

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