Slicing the stories in smaller vertical chunks makes the estimation more efficient.

If your team is struggling with spillovers and the team tends to split the story horizontally this article is for you.

Spillovers are not always bad, it depends on a team’s planning mechanism. For more insights on this do read the blog written by Maarten Dalmijn

Before we dive into slicing the story I would like to elaborate on “Vertical slicing”

If you see the…

2020 was crazy, the craziness and uncertainty continues with 2021. So many of us lost loved ones, stayed away from family, didn’t get to celebrate with our loved ones, couldn’t mourn and support our family and friends. …

After writing the title, I paused and realised that it didn’t go wrong but that it was such a great learning of what didn’t work out an experience that can be bookmarked to learn from.

I am sure as scrum masters that you must have experience with learning better ways…

I hear a lot of people saying, “At times I feel waterfall was better, during the other phases where I wasn't involved I had some peace of mind.”

“It's been crazy, one thing after another, you do not get the required time to pause and reflect genuinely, It's like a…

The true leader or a servant leader Scrum Master has been known by many such terms. Such as — people person who is there for the team supporting and providing the right atmosphere, Human-centered who fosters a safe environment for the team. Doing regular mental checks with the team.


Individuals are interviewed to find if they are the right fit for the role/position.

The important things are how to build on your individuality and yet prove to be the right fit.

The first and the most important suggestion is, do not to try and step on all the stones…

The story is written by my 7-year-old son Rudra who loves to tell stories and Illustrations done by Arya Marathe,17 years old and pursuing arts. She is passionate about dancing and drawing.

Thanks, #canvas for making it so easy to design and create a digital storybook.

Success is just repeated failure until it works — Seth Godin

The cut-throat competition in the market is making it difficult for candidates to secure opportunities. On the other hand, the recruiters are facing a no-show(dropout) situation making the hiring difficult for them. Though the finest candidates do seize great…

I have tried to highlight the importance and significance of the scrum events in my writing.

The Scrum framework has 5 events known as the Scrum Events.

Scrum Events

Sprint Planning

Daily Scrum

Sprint Retrospective

Sprint Review


Sprint Planning

Why is so much emphasis given on prioritization of backlog and Sprint Planning? These…

In a recent conversation with Joris van Huët he asked me about the following question:

What kind of personality traits should a Scrum Master or Product Owner have?

This triggered a series of thoughts that I would like to write about.

Note: This answer was given as my opinion and…

Yamini Hundare

When you are standing on a cliff, jump to fly not to fall… I am an aspiring writer who loves to write about agile mindset, my own experiences and kids stories

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